The Bailey Learning and Arts Collective, Inc.
is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help build knowledgeable, socially responsible communities and leaders utilizing a grassroots ideology, low and no-cost activities, and arts promotion and instruction.

What’s New in ’22…

As part of our ongoing Community Collaboration efforts, BLAAC is working closely with SPARC352, the University of Florida College of Arts and Medicine, and One Nation, One Project.

Thanks to the generosity of SPARC352 and the UF College of Arts and Medicine, our Executive Director, Terri Bailey, was able to attend the “Creating Healthy Communities Conference” in Orlando, Florida, and the “Imagining America Conference” in New Orleans, Louisiana

Our Executive Director Terri Bailey had this to say about her time there – “Both Conferences were informative, transformative, and downright fun! I made great new connections and look forward to working with these powerhouse organizations and their leadership. Finding out that there are so many folks working on similar issues as BLAAC was validating and motivating. I’m excited about the possibilities.”

Creating Healthy Communities Conference in Orlando, FL

Check out this performance during the conference!

Imagining America Conference in New Orleans, LA

Check out this performance during the conference!

Enjoy this video with writer, filmmaker Michael Phillip Edwards discussing his movies Last Life, Runt, and Haunted Jamaica and upcoming projects.

Meet The Maker: BLAAC with Michael Phillip Edwards
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