The Queens Room is a sacred place to de-stress, revitalize, and grow. Although being a Queen is a great job, it can be challenging and overwhelming. Whether you are the Queen of a country or the Empress of your household, the responsibilities required of a leader can take away from the vital time and attention a Sistah needs to stay fabulous and successful.

In the Queens Room, we offer information and services for self-love and personal growth. Often when we hear self-care, we think of a hot bubble bath and a mani/pedi. Self-care is so much more! You must also attend to your spiritual, mental, social, and professional self-care needs. It is our goal to create a network where women can find self-care services, share their stories of self-care triumphs in the hope that others can learn from those experiences. The Queens Room provides free self-care information, including original articles and tools, as well as links and a directory connecting women to a wealth of self-care information and services from other organizations. The Queens Room also provides professional self-care routine development and maintenance, Writing to Heal workshops and webinars, and even a Venting Room that allows you to express yourself uninterrupted, unchallenged, and unjudged.

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SAMHSA’s 8 Dimensions of Wellness

An 8-Day Self-Care Journey with BLAAC2Basics

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